What is eco-mate?

Eco-mate is a range of plastic free and biodegradable cleaning products in paper bottles produced by SUPA Products, a trading style of SUPA Innovations Ltd.

Is SUPA Products the manufacturer of eco-mate?

Yes SUPA Products is a trading style of SUPA Innovations Ltd produces a range of plastic free products using our own paper bottles that are produced in our UK factory.

Do SUPA products manufacture the paper bottles also?

Yes we manufacture the paper bottle also in our Rutland based UK factory for our eco-mate range of plastic free biodegradable house hold cleaning liquids and pet care products.

Are the bottles 100% free of any type of plastic in their construction?

Yes 100% plastic free and biodegradable! Including the bottle contents, both are free from micro plastics that harm the environment. The first in the world!

Does the paper that you make your bottles from come from trees?

No we only use recyled plant leaf waste product and Bamboo for the neck/caps.

Are the bottles 100% plant based material?

Yes every component used to construct the bottle is 100% plant based, paper, recyled cork, Bamboo, even the removable inner lining is produced from seaweed and natural plant latex sap.

Are eco-mate liquids free from Phosphates and enzymes?

Yes the ingredients are naturally derived and plant based and free from bleaches and optical brighteners and toxic chemicals.

Are the cleaning liquids/contents also biodegradable?

Yes all ingredients are plant based and naturally derived without any petroleum additives.

Are your products Sulphate free?

Yes we don’t use sulphates along with many other chemicals (see Plant Based Liquids page) such as phosphates and optical whiteners within the production of the liquids.

Have the contents been tested on animals?

 No we are cruelty free, no animal testing or use of animal components within the products. Our liquids and bottles are also vegan friendly.

What is the shelf life of eco-mate products?

The shelf life is 3 months for products that have been kept in a cool, dry place away from moisture. Products should be OK after this date but we print a Best Before date of 3 months on the bottles when filled. After 5/6 months the bottles slowly start to biodegrade as they are not designed to last longer.

Can the paper bottles be recycled easily enough?

Yes the paper can be easily pulped in most recycling centres and the natural coating comes away and is used within the organic waste stream for composting back to nature. We have designed the packaging to be recylable.

Can you collect my old bottles/boxes when you deliver new products to save on waste?

Not quite yet but we plan to offer this service for subscription customers soon as we want to recycle the bottles back into our manufacturing system to eliminate waste and create a closed loop system. When we launch this service we will let everyone know and our drivers will collect from you as they deliver new products.

Why does the bottle include seaweed in its design?

Natural seaweed helps to improve the biodegradability of the paper coating, its jelly like consistency weakens the bonds as it is digested by microbes reverting safely back to nature.

How natural is the plant latex sap that is used for coating and adding water resistance to the paper?

Testing of this natural material has proved 100% organic content, no plastics of any kind utilising the power of nature.

Can I buy eco-mate bottles individually?

Yes but it's more cost effective to buy them in 3 or 6 x Packs in order to keep the delivery carbon footprint to a minimum.

Can I buy eco-mate products from my super market?

We are starting to sell our products through like minded eco stores and will produce a distributor network soon, if you are interested in selling our product please get in touch!

Do you send out your products on overnight couriers?

We do use couriers aswell as our own electric vans where possible. Royal mail and DPD both use electric vans also depending on area.

Can you discount your product for bulk buying as I have a business that sells eco products?

Yes we would be happy to discuss discounted prices with you, especially if you are providing a point of sale collection service.

What if I choose to buy weekly or monthly and change my mind after the first delivery?

You simply log into our website or app and hit pause at any time. You will only be charged for the paper bottles that you have received so far.  If it any time you decide to start again you can, the same goes for decreasing or increasing number of weekly or monthly packs delivered, you can update this at any time.

Can I buy mixed boxes to try out the different products?

Yes in our shop there is an option to mix and match bottles within a box or buy complete boxes.

Are the contents safe for drain/waste water?

Yes you can even use them in septic composting tanks because of the plant based ingredients.

What about so called biodegradable plastic bottles, are these the same as your paper bottles?

Absolutely not, these biodegradable plastics will only breakdown in exact perfect circumstances and still take many years even when the specific conditions are met, this will not happen in land fill, in the sea or road/hedge side discarded bottles. Some plant-based plastics leach nasty chemicals into the ground as they degrade. When any type of plastic finds its way into the sea it will eventually find its way into the food chain through fish as tiny micro particles.  Biodegradable plastics contaminate Recycling centre plastics because the material is not reusable.

Can I really throw the empty paper bottles into my compost heap?

Yes everything within the construction is made from natural materials which will revert back to nature. To speed up composting cut empty bottles into smaller pieces and ensure they are buried deep within the warm part of the rotting mulch.

What happens to your paper bottles when they find their way into the sea or soil?

The paper and it’s natural inner coating quickly becomes soggy and starts to breakdown with UV, disintegrating into smaller flakes and fibres during the ocean movement of waves against sand/rocks. Plants grow through these fibres and accelerate decomposition. UV light breaks down the natural materials and they eventually break up, turning into non micro plastic pieces that are kinder to sea life. The natural components become food, also decomposing and turning back into nature from where they came, becoming part of plant life again.

Do you have new products being added to the range?

Yes we have some very exciting products within the development pipeline in order to offer a one stop shop for helping to reduce weekly plastic consumption within the household.

I love your product and I feel strongly about its positive message and impact on our world, can I help promote product sales?

Yes we are interested to talk to like minded individuals and organisations for co promotions, campaigns, influencer opportunities etc. drop us a line here: hello@supalife.shop


Surely having my groceries delivered by the supermarket all in one vehicle has less impact on the environment than having you deliver products on their own?

Where possible we try to deliver our products using smaller electric vans with less of a carbon footprint. 

Will you be offering a refill service?

Not at present but this is a service we are planning to offer subscription customers when we deliver with our electric vans.

I’m based in Scotland or Ireland, when will you start to deliver to my area?

We are working on eco minded distributors in your area to enable delivery without a surcharge, we currently have to charge extra for deliveries to Ireland and Scotland.

Can I buy mixed boxes to try out the different products?

Yes ofcourse! You can mix and match products within the 3 Pack or 6 Pack boxes as you wish.

When can I expect my delivery?

We despatch all orders received before 4pm for next day delivery! Most orders are received within 1-2 days depending upon where you live and what time you order.