Made in the UK, the eco-mate range of cleaning products are the world’s first liquids in 100% plastic and metal free paper bottles. The paper used in its construction is sustainably sourced from the pulp waste that is created during sugar cane production.

This means our paper bottle is not only free-from plastic, but also that it is made from a by-product that would otherwise have to be thrown away. Re-using a natural pulp in this way means that no trees have been cut down in the production of our eco bottles and we’re helping to reduce waste too.

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We’re sure you are wondering how a paper bottle can manage to hold our range of naturally derived cleaning liquids inside without it starting to break down?
Well, the answer is simply SUPA!

We’ve developed a plant-based coating that protects the inside of the bottle. This natural coating cleverly prevents the paper bottle from coming into contact with the liquids. And, because this coating is made of 100% plant-based materials, plant sap latex and bio matter, it is completely natural. The paper fibres are also embedded with a natural seaweed extract to give water resistance for a specific period of time but still allow for recycling. Paper is easier to recycle than plastic, breaks down naturally when composted and doesn’t create micro plastics that harm the environment. So, where other bottles and cartons use foil or plastic-based coatings or worse still plastic bags inside, our unique plant-based coating is much better for the planet.

Perfect for helping you to reduce household consumption of plastic bottles.  It is well documented that less than 8% of single use plastic actually gets recycled, with the majority ending up in landfills, being burnt or worse still discarded in the environment and finding its way into our oceans.

No plastic, no nasties - the world’s first 100% plastic free range of eco cleaning products in paper based bottles.

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Often when packaging claims to be biodegradable the reality of this can be a confusing picture. But with your eco-mate paper bottles it really is SUPA simple.

The main bottle is made from recyclable eco paper and the natural inner coating simply breaks away during the repulping process for natural or industrial composting.  This means you can put the bottle in your regular recycling paper collection.  You can also split the bottles open and tearaway the super thin inner coating from the paper to discard the liner separately in composting garden waste bins.  Alternatively, if you’re a keen gardener, you can put the bottle on your compost heap as it will start composting back to nature. For this option you need to wash out the remaining contents and cut up the paper bottle into small pieces to assist the biodegrading process.

Safe in the knowledge that if the empty paper bottles uk find their way into land fill or the ocean they will biodegrade and there won’t be any micro plastics left behind.

Standard paper recycling, compostable, landfill and ocean safe.

We are planning to deliver as many of our eco-mate products using a combination of overnight courier and our own electric vans where possible. Finally a way to help reduce weekly household use of plastic and also support plastic clean-up charities.

Our Story


We like to use the phrase ‘from nature, back to nature’ as this is the circular process our bottle and its plant-based, biodegradable materials go through. They have been created by nature and they return back to nature when no longer needed.

That’s the power of plants and we love them for it.

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